February 10, 2010

bike friendly


yesterday kicked off bike friendly fort worth's mission to make cowtown a nicer place to ride a bike. on the coldest day in recent memory, a dedicated gang of riders got to together to ride to city hall to show support for the new bike fort worth plan. I must confess. the turnout was really damn impressive.


for the first time in texas history, cyclists made the local news. nobody had to die, and lance armstrong was nowhere in sight. just a bunch of commuters and enthusiasts enjoying a leisurely ride, on the coldest damn day of the year.

lindsey & rick

there were lots of notable attendees. aside from the trinity bicycles crew, myself and bernie scheffler. lindsey akey, owner of spiral diner and queen of all things cruelty-free in tarrant county, rick from 1919 hemphill, jeremy schlacter from gallus cycles, and larry kemp dedicated commuter and beer expert all made it out. perhaps even more exciting, I did not recognize half of the riders there.


if you want better pictures and or information. I suggest you check out fortworthology, or trinity bicycles.

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