January 3, 2010

so far so good.

I found this graph floating around the internet. Seems reasonable. This is car country. I wrote an email to the North Richland Hills' Parks and Recreation Department asking for some insight into the cycling infrastructure. Hopefully they can explain to me why a seven lane road is marked as a bike route. Bike routes are supposed to improve cycling conditions, right? Why go to all the trouble of establishing a network that fails to improve anything?

In brighter news. My "NightRider MiNewt Mini-USB" still amazes me. Just a few years ago, a light like this would have cost a whole paycheck, I picked this up for eighty bucks. I really appreciate the lack of features. Its getting harder to find a light with a simple on/off switch. I think this would make a great primay light source for most cyclists. It fills my needs, both utilitarian and recreational.

Sorry. My camera skills are pretty weak. I'll be sure and take a photographer next time I ride in the dark.

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