January 23, 2010

red river riot: ouch

foolish optimism
I took part in the first ever red river riot. a dirt road ramble in the country roads around st jo texas. the poorly maintained dirt roads would have made for an interesting ride all by themselves. the rain made it more interesting than I could handle.

first fifteen

bernie and me got to bar-h ranch around seven in the morning. it was great to see a hundred plus dudes ready to beat themselves up out there in the hills. the first bits were not all that painful. very downhill. reasonably dry. very scenic. that all changed for the remainder of the ride. except the scenery, it stayed nice.


the hills got bigger. things got muddy and sloppy. since bernie was on his big dummy I thought it would be cool to bring my pugsley. those tires can carry quite a bit of red clay. almost as much as my beard. Im pretty sure I swallowed may more than my fair share of sandy clay cocktail.

mud collection

after nine hours of punishment I was pooped. this was one of the most satisfying rides I have ever done. I cant wait to do it again next year. probably on my karate monkey though. too bad the rain prevented me from taking more pictures during the ride.


back at bar-h ranch, there were good burgers and some awesome beer from ska brewing. the ride had left huge void in my gut, so I topped off in muenster at one of its many texas-german diners. the schnitzel and bratwurst were top notch.

happy camper
hey bernie, thanks for the lift and the coaching. and we all owe kevin lee and spinistry a huge thank you for making this ride happen. I bet this ride becomes quite the attraction in years to come. given the unpredictable nature of texas weather, combined with untamed road conditions, every year should prove to be a very unique ride.

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