January 24, 2010

recovery and reflection.

biking viking

the red river riot is a vicious man-eating butcher. my everything hurts. my endurance and overall fitness is a joke. I was in better shape in my pubcrawlin viking days. what gives? this time last year I was on top of my game. oh well. one day, I will be fast, oh yes, I will be fast. I will ponder these matters on todays recovery ride.


  1. a year ago you werent eating pork tacos, bratwurst, various other forms of pork or bad ass burgers. and you still had the pacer that you could go on reasonable rides on. just say'n...

  2. dude, you cant give me a vegan lecture when you exclusively ride on brooks saddles.

  3. i wasnt giving you a lecture. i was simply suggesting that your current pork-based diet may be hindering your performance, as compared to your level of fitness a year ago.

  4. No picking on Bratwurst... it's the fuel of champions. Ask Jens Voigt.