January 15, 2010



the grey skies kept my ride short today. uni-boy was out today, that was the highpoint of my ride. I said 'hello' but I could not make out what he muttered back. to supplement my sorry ass bike ride I decided to combine my love of arrogant bastard ale, black metal, law and order: criminal intent and 'cycling'.

no gut, no glory.

no matter how many distractions you pile on. nothing can disguise how boring a stationary bike truly is. it makes drinking beer and watching law and order, something I generally enjoy, a real chore. the lack of momentum is an odd feeling. I pretty much felt like I was just flailing my legs in the air for no reason. not getting anywhere. the introduction of an ipod filled with blastbeats perked things up a bit. nothing improves your cadence like a good blastbeat.

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