January 11, 2010

pleasant day

my hand

first off. I want to retract my statement about longpants. there is no sense in owning something I only need once or twice a year. I gots hot legs. why hide them? actually, my legs are really short for my height. so any pair of pants I get have to be folded up. which makes me think about the fact that I have stumpy legs. something I prefer not to dwell on.


moving along. as if seeing a unicyclist wasnt exciting enough. I discovered the super secret north richland hills dirt jump. intense, huh? my mind is still blown. I thought those only existed in magazines and mountain dew ads.


please dont let my shortcomings as a photographer fool you. that launch has to be at least six inches high. no records were set, but the karate monkey caught some air. wicked awesome air. with loaded panniers. now that I think of it, maybe I set a record for jumping a loaded bike with drop bars. sick.

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