January 12, 2010

major taylor

good book
today was nice enough that I brought along a book. I like to punctuate rides with a worthwhile sit-and-read. I found a park bench and finally finished major: a black athlete, a white era, and the fight to be the world's fastest human being. great read. its shameful that so few people, cyclists included have never even heard of major taylor. he was the most famous, and highest earning athlete on the planet. france wanted to adopt him. I cant wrap my head around it. I dont like baseball at all but I know all about jackie robinson. what a shame.
I dont get it.

why the hell is nike making a major taylor shoe? Im confident that major never wore nikes. hopefully it raises major awareness in the collectible shoe and hat community.

I bet his story would make a great inspirational sports movie. regular people might go see it. I mean, nobody plays hockey and everybody saw miracle. do we have to rewatch breaking away everytime we want to watch a bike movie? c'mon.......

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