January 28, 2010

interview #2


so, nothing interesting has happened since the red river riot. it set the bar way too high. instead of trying to make my own life somewhat entertaining I decided to take advantage of my pal leo, who already has an interesting life. I think we met through our bands. he was in tyrannosaurus-x one of the better power-violence bands in texas. we ended up living in denton tx at the same time and were riding buddies until he left texas. in addition to having citizenship in at least three countries, he holds degrees in several branches of science that I havent even heard of. after travelling the world, and living in mexico he decided to become some sort of sciencey data librarian in seattle.

not creepy

surly cyclist: do you own a car?

leo: Yes, but it hasn't moved in well over 4 months.

how many bikes do you own? what kind? what are they for?

- I own 2 bicycles. I have my ten-speed Ron Cooper with Campy components that was used for longer rides, and I have a Fuji Track Pro fixed that is what I mostly use for commuting here in Seattle.

why no surly?

- I've always thought about having a Steamroller, but I never got around to buying the frame. I have been fantasizing about a Cross-Check, though.

thats very smart of you, where all have you cycled?

- Texas, Washington, Monterrey Mexico, Guadalajara Mexico

where is your favorite place to ride bikes?

- Monterrey was great, but I'm really starting to enjoy the hills here in Seattle. There are a few hills that really bust up my legs, but most of them are manageable and as much fun going up as they are going down.


how is "bike culture" different in mexico?

- I came across a lot of thirty to forty bikers, but very few younger ones. At least in Monterrey, there didn't seem to be much urban cycling solidarity outside of the professional arena. Bicycles as a form of transportation are used really often, but there are no Critical Masses, community bike shops, etc. There are, however, several large groups that do endurance rides out into the surrounding areas, but I didn't participate.

do you have goals as a cyclist?

- Not particularly. There are a few rides I would like to go on, but they're not sedimented enough for me to give details. I'm going to be doing a Seattle to Portland ride in the Spring, if that counts.

what do you miss most about denton?

- Cheap rent, cheap Thai food, inorganic and physical chemistry lecture, and my Ron Cooper.

whats the best music to ride to?

- I try to coordinate it with the weather. Doom/stoner metal gets the job pretty often, so does power violence and shoegaze.

is it "metal" to ride a bike?

- Fuck yeah. Nothing more metal.

I understand you are located near "mountains", what are those like, have you ridden a bike on one?

- I haven't yet, but I plan on making a few nature trips in the very near future. There is a giant park to the West that I need to go explore for a few weekends.  

whats the dumbest thing you ever wore for the sake of riding a bike?

- A helmet.

has your badboy bike status ever scored you points with the ladies?

- Definitely. I don't know if it's the fact that the keep me active, give me something to get excited about, or if they just like that I have at least a little muscle on my legs.

please rate this interview on a scale from one to ten....

- Best interview I've ever been asked to complete. I give it a 9.

any final comments?

- You should come up to Seattle in the summer so we can go explore some of the islands

sure thing, I really owe you one for this interview.


  1. Hmmm, a cross-check, huh? I think a world traveler like Leo should look into a Travelers Check. Seriously, I bet I know a guy who would sell him one.

  2. I know it's a Surly thread, but the Ron Cooper is a keeper. I suppose that'll be your steed for the STP, I'll look for you. (The STP is at times 200 miles of bike pr0n.)
    @summer/islands with the interviewer: go to Orcas, ride up Mt Constitution, pop in your favorite jams for the way down and enjoy. The road is pool-table smooth (assuming you stay off the guard rails).