January 13, 2010

regular asshole rides a pugsley


this is jc. he is my friend. he is a substitute teacher. he rarely rides a bike. today was his lucky day. mostly because he got to ride my surly pugsley the dopest, fattest tired bike on earth. he doesnt know much about bikes, but I think that makes him a great candidate for my first interview.

surly cyclist: so, jc. how was your bike ride today?

jc: too long. too far. plus I almost died.

sc: ok.

jc: you should sharpen your interviewing skills.

sc: ok. what feature of my awesome pugsley most blew your mind?

jc: the brakes.

sc: yeah, Im a big fan of avid's mechanical disc brake. do you have any fond bicycle related memories?

jc: there was that one time, when we lived in denton. we rode west out of town. vegan leo almost killed a dog with a rock. I had that junk schwinn. and that one time I rode a tall bike.

sc: wow. thanks jc. great interview. best of luck.


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