January 18, 2010


drug mountain
sorry gang. life has been eating up all my valuable internet time. drug mountain's record and record release show was received well. I think our fiddle player, nevada hill, did an awesome job on the artwork. my best pal andrew haas was nice enough to open with his ultra sinister band lychgate. a good time was had by all.


as if that wasnt enough excitement for one weekend. I got to celebrate the birth of fort worth's most prominent vegan cyclists and top custom frame builder jeremy 'the dude' shlachter of gallus cycles. somehow he manages to race cyclocross, track, complete a half iron man, and build a lugged touring bike all before he goes into work. how does he do it?

it must be a virtue only a true gentleman can posess. lucky for everybody, the celebration was held at pappa chang. perhaps the most woefully overlooked and undercelebrated of the numerous southside eatery. do yourself a favor and eat some.

now that all that cool stuff has been taken care of, I can really get down to pedal business. the last few days have been spent knocking the cobwebs off of the pugsley. I forgot how many heads this thing can turn. big tires get people excited. a kid on a bmx bike dropped his jaw and let out an involuntary daaaaaaaayyyymmmm... a big bearded guy that looked like a crab fisherman said "shit, them some big ass tires". I dont care for the attention, but I need to get it in tiptop shape for saturday.

this saturday will be the first ever, super brutal, red river riot. it seems I am participating. I somehow let bernie sheffler talk me into it. which makes perfect sense, he always finds the most painful ideas the most appealing. one hundred plus miles of dirt roads and singletrack in and around st jo. the most challenging hills in north texas, and the most punishing off road trail Ive ridden to date. there is no real chance of me finishing. I plan on a having good time anyhow.

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  1. Considering that the last time I did a 100-mile, non-pavement ride I weighed exactly 49 pounds less than I do right now, I also have no real chance of finishing.

    And I also plan to have a good time. A pugsley and a fixed 1x1... what a pair we will be.