March 3, 2010

busy busy busy.

sorry. we are getting very close to opening the new shop. I will then have plenty of content worth reading.

February 15, 2010

race book

thumbs up

I usually avoid books about competitive cycling, but this was an awesome little read. I have come to learn that Tim Krabbe is a well known chess player, novelist, bicycle racer, journalist and over achiever. he managed to spice up the generally dry, sterile and boring bike racing genre. I think this is the first dutch thing Ive ever liked. rarely do I knowingly encounter things from the netherlands. it has to be the only country that fails to offer up a decent black metal band. Ive discovered lots of places I never knew about through black metal. like the faroe islands, (home of the greatest coat of arms known to man) and every country that shares a border with russia.

February 11, 2010

coveralls work like bibshorts

Im off

Im back

Im done

pugsley in snow (front yard)

February 10, 2010

bike friendly


yesterday kicked off bike friendly fort worth's mission to make cowtown a nicer place to ride a bike. on the coldest day in recent memory, a dedicated gang of riders got to together to ride to city hall to show support for the new bike fort worth plan. I must confess. the turnout was really damn impressive.


for the first time in texas history, cyclists made the local news. nobody had to die, and lance armstrong was nowhere in sight. just a bunch of commuters and enthusiasts enjoying a leisurely ride, on the coldest damn day of the year.

lindsey & rick

there were lots of notable attendees. aside from the trinity bicycles crew, myself and bernie scheffler. lindsey akey, owner of spiral diner and queen of all things cruelty-free in tarrant county, rick from 1919 hemphill, jeremy schlacter from gallus cycles, and larry kemp dedicated commuter and beer expert all made it out. perhaps even more exciting, I did not recognize half of the riders there.


if you want better pictures and or information. I suggest you check out fortworthology, or trinity bicycles.

February 4, 2010

poor weather


I just finished this book. it was ok. there are some great moments, but you have to wade through a lot of nonsense to get to it. actually, it starts out strong and ends strong, so just skip the middle. in highschool I tried really hard to like the talking heads, I even saw david byrne perform at bass hall, most of his music is really good, just not my thing. his movie, true stories, is great though. I suppose I have to give him credit for all his bike advocacy in new york.

Im so sick of the damn rain.

February 3, 2010

social event


since you probably were not planning on going to church, or riding a bike anyways. I highly reccomend swinging by the great southwest bike swap. I plan on hanging out with gallus cycles and trinity bicycles all day.

January 28, 2010

interview #2


so, nothing interesting has happened since the red river riot. it set the bar way too high. instead of trying to make my own life somewhat entertaining I decided to take advantage of my pal leo, who already has an interesting life. I think we met through our bands. he was in tyrannosaurus-x one of the better power-violence bands in texas. we ended up living in denton tx at the same time and were riding buddies until he left texas. in addition to having citizenship in at least three countries, he holds degrees in several branches of science that I havent even heard of. after travelling the world, and living in mexico he decided to become some sort of sciencey data librarian in seattle.

not creepy

surly cyclist: do you own a car?

leo: Yes, but it hasn't moved in well over 4 months.

how many bikes do you own? what kind? what are they for?

- I own 2 bicycles. I have my ten-speed Ron Cooper with Campy components that was used for longer rides, and I have a Fuji Track Pro fixed that is what I mostly use for commuting here in Seattle.

why no surly?

- I've always thought about having a Steamroller, but I never got around to buying the frame. I have been fantasizing about a Cross-Check, though.

thats very smart of you, where all have you cycled?

- Texas, Washington, Monterrey Mexico, Guadalajara Mexico

where is your favorite place to ride bikes?

- Monterrey was great, but I'm really starting to enjoy the hills here in Seattle. There are a few hills that really bust up my legs, but most of them are manageable and as much fun going up as they are going down.


how is "bike culture" different in mexico?

- I came across a lot of thirty to forty bikers, but very few younger ones. At least in Monterrey, there didn't seem to be much urban cycling solidarity outside of the professional arena. Bicycles as a form of transportation are used really often, but there are no Critical Masses, community bike shops, etc. There are, however, several large groups that do endurance rides out into the surrounding areas, but I didn't participate.

do you have goals as a cyclist?

- Not particularly. There are a few rides I would like to go on, but they're not sedimented enough for me to give details. I'm going to be doing a Seattle to Portland ride in the Spring, if that counts.

what do you miss most about denton?

- Cheap rent, cheap Thai food, inorganic and physical chemistry lecture, and my Ron Cooper.

whats the best music to ride to?

- I try to coordinate it with the weather. Doom/stoner metal gets the job pretty often, so does power violence and shoegaze.

is it "metal" to ride a bike?

- Fuck yeah. Nothing more metal.

I understand you are located near "mountains", what are those like, have you ridden a bike on one?

- I haven't yet, but I plan on making a few nature trips in the very near future. There is a giant park to the West that I need to go explore for a few weekends.  

whats the dumbest thing you ever wore for the sake of riding a bike?

- A helmet.

has your badboy bike status ever scored you points with the ladies?

- Definitely. I don't know if it's the fact that the keep me active, give me something to get excited about, or if they just like that I have at least a little muscle on my legs.

please rate this interview on a scale from one to ten....

- Best interview I've ever been asked to complete. I give it a 9.

any final comments?

- You should come up to Seattle in the summer so we can go explore some of the islands

sure thing, I really owe you one for this interview.